Sunday 29 Nov 2015
Students and Participants on HSC

“The discussions were really illuminating; sharing the issues that we as Hindu students deal with, and offering suggestions and support to one another was empowering,”
Sonal N., Stony Brook University 

"This seminar helped me better understand Hinduism and how it’s not just another religion but it is also full of spiritual teachings to improve our way of life."
Swapnil P., Rutgers University

Only under the brilliant rays of knowledge can we expect to grow and flower. After attending the camp, I have begun to smell the sweet scent of divinity.

Atul A., University of Texas

I felt goosebumps from the divine melody of the Bhajans…as well as a strong sense of unity and togetherness.
Deepthi K., Drexel University

“It was interesting to listen to different speakers' takes on Hinduism. I learned more in-depth about Bhagavad-Gita and what you could do to find true happiness in life."
Dhruti M., Rutgers University

Simply phenomenal… expanding my mind, spirit, and body to frontiers that I have never experienced before.
Prakhar A., Texas

A place for spiritual, educational, social, intellectual, and physical growth.
Nupur G., MIT

I got to hear the views of people from various different backgrounds and levels of religiosity.
Rahul Y., Illinois

The camp was a perfect blend of not only gaining insight and knowledge about Hinduism, but also getting a chance to have discussions and interact with like-minded people.  This helped me to look at my faith and beliefs in a totally new perspective and also make some very good friends.
Deepayan C., NC State

It was a community building exercise.
Aditya U., MIT

The best part of the camp for me was the fact that each and every one of the campers enjoyed all of these activities thoroughly.
Manav T., North Carolina

The 2005 HSC Regional Retreat was awesome!  I really learned a lot and got the chance to meet a lot of incredible people.  It introduced me to many new ideas and allowed me to explore Hinduism more deeply, especially by communicating with others and gaining their viewpoint.  As this was my first HSC event outside of our chapter, the retreat also made me realize that HSC as an organization is much greater than I imagined, whether in size, goals, or accomplishments.  It was an amazing experience, lots of fun, and went by too quickly!
Nisha G., former president of HSC chapter at NYU

I came here as an observer and a participant.  It’s good to see that the retreat combined both history and religion and all the presentations had a positive note to it.  I loved how everything was displayed.
Jay R., Ramapo College

It was great being at the retreat this weekend. I think for all of us at UMASS, we were able to forget about school and other things, and just concentrate on learning about our religion and heritage. We all enjoyed it thoroughly!
Lé Santha N., former president of HSC chapter at UMASS-Amherst

I felt highly enriched with knowledge and many planes of thought I hadn't explored previously.
Pratyaksh P., former president of the HSC chapter at University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Global Dharma Conference was among one of the greatest spiritual gatherings of all time. The event was the perfect combination of learning and fun. I feel honored to have taken part in such a grand affair!
Indira B., University of MD, School of Law

When I first walked in, I was immediately impressed by how organized and orderly everything was. That first impression was representative of the entire experience. I was able to relax and listen and learn from all of the amazing people that had collected in this one place to share their knowledge and pass it on to the youth without worrying if any complications will arise.
Ranee C., New York

The program provided participants with amazing opportunities to learn important aspects of Hindu dharma. I left the conference with a sense of pride and empowerment that I can bring to my community and school. 
Nisha S., SUNY Binghamton

The Global Dharma Conference was an inspiring gathering. Every attendant got the chance to explore Dharm in their own personal way, and enjoying themselves with others from around the world in a Dharmic atmosphere, created between HSC and their partners. It was wonderful!
Varishna T., Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands)


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